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  • The Evolution of Soul Centered Leadership

    Simplification-Equates-to-PowerWhat is Soul Centered Leadership?

    In essence, a Soul Centered Leader is a person that is living in alignment with his or her truest expression of their Soul and applying that awareness into the world. Soul Leadership is not about perfection, rather it is about progression.

    To understand the journey of leadership we must first consider the back ground of the old model of leadership. In my view. that way of Leadership is bankrupt and thrives on a right and wrong agenda that never really solves local or global issues. In fact, autocratic leaders can often make an existing problem worse.

    We have seen it many times before and there is a long history around the world of forceful, authoritarian leaders rising to power. There have been instances where such a leader made positive impact however history also shows those impacts are typically short lived. Whether we are talking about business, government or personal life, the long term affect of fear based management can be crippling and potentially devastating. As the world continues to advance, old paradigms and thoughts of leadership are becoming increasingly useless. We need to move away from the idea that the captain of the ship is the only one with power or knowledge to an inclusive model that encourages growth of everyone in order to grow the organization, a model that is built out of the heart and soul rather than fear.

    How we are going to change the world is with leaders that bring out the richness and the wisdom of other people. A person who has the skillset to ask those around them what they believe, think and see and uses that insight to lead. The type of leader who is going to make a difference is a collaborator who has the ability to inspire with an energy that isn’t forceful.

    A leader that sees that the power, the richness and the wisdom is in the people and works to empower those around them to be an active part of the solution. We are seeing such leaders rise up humbly, they are changing their own worlds and companies quietly and with purpose. CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey has embodied these ideals as he has built a conscious and successful business by encouraging all stakeholders from customers to employees to vendors to be a part of the long term success and bring their ideas, values, concerns and improvements whenever possible.

    Such leaders take these ideas deeper, believing everyone has something bigger to tap into. In Conscious Capitalism, John Mackey writes that a calling “offers us value and satisfaction beyond the paycheck. It relates to something we are passionate about, something the world really needs. We feel most alive, most ourselves, when we are doing that work. Ultimately this is what we need to strive for, as team members and employers: that as many people as possible are engaged in work that feels like a calling.”

    Like Mackey, leaders in this realm believe that every person has the ability to act as a leader if they take the time to find their purpose or calling, or as I refer to it, your Soul Blueprint. These are the types of ideas we need to embrace to see true change. We are seeing a new model of leadership emerge in the world today and it is imperative we look to what is working in those arenas and recognize that a forceful leader should be a considered an outdated idea of the past that will not work as we continue to progress.

    This past weekend, I spoke on The Evolution of Soul Centered Leadership at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. I will be sharing a few clips from the talk as we go down the road together.

    Be blessed,

    Stephen Paul McGhee

  • Breakthrough Your Life’s Challenges and Upgrade Your Leadership

    It’s been awhile, since I have posted and I miss you guys. I am back with more information and tips on Leadership and Life than ever before. This first post is an audio interview I did with the great Andrew Ferebee from Knowledge for Men. Oh and btw, this interview is good for any man, woman, student, athlete, business person that wants to up their game. Enjoy!

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