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  • Leadership and Wellbeing

    Leadership and Wellbeing

    Among the most important assets we possess as a leader are our strength and vitality.

    Most of us have had times in our lives where we have experienced low energy or health challenges, so you may well understand what I am talking about.

    While it may sound odd for me to admit, I am grateful for the past health challenges I have experienced. Those times in my life have put me on a solid path of commitment toward my wellbeing.

    I don’t think I’d appreciate my wellness nearly as much if it weren’t for the times when I needed to learn to take care of myself.  I now pay close attention to my health, fitness, and vitality every day.

    While, it may sound simple, my devotion to a morning ritual of prayer, breathwork, cold exposure, journaling, and exercise inspire a positive trajectory for each day.

    The brain that comes up with my ideas, the hands that write them down, the voice that communicates them, the legs that carry me to appointments, and, most important, the energy that moves me through each day, are all contained within my physical body. You might say that, at the most basic level, my body is the home in which I live, the primary office in which I get work done, and yes, the temple in which I connect with God.


    In the past, I have done some hospice work where individuals were preparing to transition. I would often ask these people what they thought was most important in life. One of the two most common responses I heard was “your health”. Why? Because the elderly could look back and see that whenever their health fell apart, everything else was diminished.

    My body is where my whole life begins and where all my experience comes to rest. If it’s not in top working condition, I can’t do the things I want to do to manifest my greater vision.

    Like anything else in life, wellbeing requires planning, focus, and effort to make positive changes. And unfortunately, many of my clients wait until there is a problem before making adjustments.

    Today’s, message is a call to action for you or someone you love to get proactive with this thing called wellness.

    The easiest place to start is to look at your nutrition and the idea that food is medicine. While your body is amazing, it cannot run forever on processed non-food that is flooding the market these days. The good news is, there are plenty of delicious and healthy options to choose from. Stay as close to nature in your food choices, get inspired by creating your own morning ritual, move your body every day and experience the grace that can come from these simple adjustments.

    In joy,

    Stephen McGhee

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  • Self-Acceptance and Trust Your Gut

    When I was in my twenties, I had an experience that taught me self-acceptance.

    It wasn’t the kind of Self-Acceptance, that comes from Ego, rather it was Self-Acceptance that felt like, “I can take care of myself.” It was a kind of acceptance that said, “I accept myself enough, to trust that inner voice inside that knows what’s best for me.”

    In 1991, I had a very frightening health crisis and could have died,  while lying in the hospital, I was put in touch with the Lord—the spirit within and its connection to everything. Then: I had a profound opening to make a choice about how to live the rest of my life. And because, during that frightening process, I’d discovered more about living than I ever thought was possible.

    By the way, I don’t believe you need to have a health crisis to learn to accept yourself.

    Here’s why:

    Some people will tell you the truth as they see it, but that doesn’t mean it’s the truth for you. And some others are outright lying, trying to point you in a direction that benefits them, without any interest in its effects on you.

    The bottom line is, while it’s helpful to surround yourself with supporters interested in relationships of mutual service, ultimately the best person to rely on when you make choices—is you.

    To make choices in alignment with your true north will require you to become intimately familiar with yourself: who you are, what your purpose is, and how you can fulfill your potential. Then, when you find yourself struggling with a decision, your question will be, “In what way will this or that choice serve my greater purpose, as I see it?

    So, the message today is ultimately about accepting yourself more fully, rather than seeking approval from others, as extrinsic validation.

    Personally, I feel a good way to approach this is to live my life in a way that involves trusting my gut. How does that work? Like everything, it takes practice, slowing down, breathing and listening to the quiet peaceful voice inside.

    What is that voice telling you?

    What happened to me is a simple reminder of one of the most real truths there is: your body is going to die. There is no escaping that. So, if you’re holding back on anything you have to give, stop. Worried about being judged for your creative ideas? Skip it.

    Today, is a message of inspiration and encouragement to you, as a man or woman that leads your own life in the most beautiful and auspicious ways.

    In joy,

    Stephen McGhee

  • Vitality and Stephen McGhee’s Top 3-Reasons to Do a Long Fast

    Good Morning,

    Some of you know, I have been in a deep soulful dive the past few years to share and create my next level contribution to Life and Leadership. It comes in the form of the L3 Program which means Life, Leadership, and Longevity.

    I’ll be releasing more about my program come July 4th (day of liberation) and I wanted to share a sneak peek into a piece of the program I consider a foundational start.

    Did you know you can activate stem cell-based renewal in your body?

    How is that, you ask? Simple: Longer fasts.

    Want to know something even crazier? The stem cell-based rejuvenation is only ONE of the reasons I do a multi-day fast every 3 months.

    Why I Like Fasting
    People are curious when they find out I fast. They immediately ask me, ‘Why?’

    I’ll tell you why. I’m a fan of doing things that get disproportionate results.

    That’s why I love:

    * Conscious Breathing
    * Cold Therapy

    These produce benefits that outweigh the energy needed to get them. The same thing is true with long fasts. When you do a long fast you get nearly a dozen key benefits.

    With long fasts you:

    *Lose Stubborn Abdominal Fat
    *Activate Rejuvenation from Within
    *Experience Mental Clarity
    *Your Skin Looks and Feels Better

    And that’s just the common benefits!

    With all these great reasons to do a longer fast, can you guess what was holding me back?

    I didn’t want to go without food!!
    I didn’t want to be hungry …..or hangry.

    But then I discovered I could do a 5-day fast with really tasty food using a scientifically formulated and patented meal program called ProLon. With ProLon, I would be able to tap into all the benefits of a 5-day fast.

    Here are my three favorite benefits:

    Benefit 1: Long Fasts Promote Cellular Rejuvenation
    With ProLon you can unlock your body’s innate ability to regenerate from within!

    Benefit 2: You Get Visible Weight Loss Results from Dangerous Abdominal Fat
    When you do a long fast your body burns abdominal fat (also known as toxic fat). ProLon’s 5-day program helps you not only feel better, but you also look better and feel more confident in your appearance.

    Benefit 3: It Combats Aging
    I won’t say long fasts are a fountain of youth. What I will say is that ProLon produces a profound impact on the body and its ability to fight the signs of aging.

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    Looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

    -Stephen McGhee