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  • Enlightened Leadership

    Greetings friends! Thank you for being a follower of my blog.

    I have a special gift for you, and I’m excited about it!


    I am honored to have the cover article in an exciting new publication, “ENLIGHTENED LEADERSHIP” iPad magazine, and I want to give you a free subscription (don’t worry, I’ll take care of those of you who don’t happen to have an iPad or iPhone – keep reading)!

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  • Simplification Equates to Power

    If your life has become overly complicated, you are losing personal power. Remember, I only write about things I have observed or experienced myself. I have seen enough complication in life and business to fully understand the negative impact it has.Most of the time we are responsible for the complications we create in our lives. Having too many “moving pieces” can be complicated. Attempting to do too many things in a short period of time can be complicated. Complication can come from relationships that require high maintenance. Each of us is responsible for managing what is complicated and what is not.
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