Mindset Mastery

I recently did an interview with Judi Glova, a friend and colleague of mine…and I loved how the interview went. It was powerful and addresses how to navigate some of the feelings below.

  • You’ve been stuck in the hustle but you really want to spend time with the people and projects that really matter to you
  • You’re questioning if you’ll ever have enough money, fulfillment and clarity so you can breakthrough to up-level your game
  • You second-guess if you even have what it takes to get to the next level but know you can’t keep pushing harder — you need to work smarter.

Here’s the thing…at times, you may be experiencing mindset blocks that are holding you back — and if this is the case, you absolutely CAN learn how to overcome them. And I have an invitation for you http://yourmindsetmasteryseries.com/registration/?ap_id=McGhee

Judi is and executive business coach and leadership development facilitator is bringing together over 25 experts, including me, for a brand new, no-cost, online video interview series:

Your Mindset Mastery:
Winning Strategies to Create More Time, Money, and Meaning
in Your Life & Business.

Shift Your Mindset, Transform Your Results

When you go to the link above and sign up, you’ll join me and other experts Oct 24–Nov 5th. Together we will discover how overthinking and worrying can create blocks, and everything you need to overcome it so you so you can finally find the meaning, fulfillment and breakthrough you crave!

You’ll also discover:

  • A clear picture of how your mindset is wired (you may be telling yourself stories that keep you from taking the actions necessary to get the things you believe you want — which explains why you struggle to create the results you work so hard for)
  • How you get in your own way and what to do about it —so you can stop the spinning and mental noise, and get to the next level
  • Dozens of practical tools so you can make the time, money and meaning you desire, rather than chasing it
  • And so much more.

You’ll walk away with greater self-trust AND the tools you need to achieve greater productivity, better financial rewards, and more success (however you define it)!

>Get f.r.e.e. access now, to join us starting October 24<<

Judi is the perfect person to host this summit because she’s been in your shoes. For more than 17 years in a fast-paced corporate job, she felt anxious and driven to perfection, until she learned that her own misinformed mindset was telling her she wasn’t as good as the others… and couldn’t be that successful. Everything changed when she learned to master her mindset. And for the last 12 years she’s been coaching executives like you to do the same.

Now, during Your Mindset Mastery, she’s sharing the tools she learned — and bringing together a brilliant roster of experts on this topic — so you can master YOUR mindset and make the shifts to live the life you really want. When you join us, you’ll learn how to release the limiting mindsets and triggers that aren’t working for you, and create new ones that move you powerfully forward.

Sign up here, and remember, it all begins October 24. >>>Master Your Mindset<<<

To your success,

Stephen McGhee

P.S. What got you here won’t get you to the next level! If you want to achieve greater success, you’ve got to do the inner work and develop (and use!) new tools. We’ll show you how, starting October 24 during Your Mindset Mastery: Winning Strategies to Create More Time, Money, and Meaning in Your Life & Business. Sign up here: