Film Premier

Summer is a great time to be with family, enjoy the outdoors and relax. I also like to take time out to watch movies because:

  • Watching others achieve their goals inspires me to take a leap on my next goal
  • Enjoying amazing cinematography allows me to appreciate the amazing world around me
  • Hearing about people’s triumphs and struggles pushes me to live outside my box and start dreaming again.

I invite you to check out my short documentary, Climb for Freedom: Seven Men Journey from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary. It’s being premiered on Fandependent Films through August 29th.  It’s about 7 men who train to climb the 22,834 foot Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, learning about themselves and what it means to hit the reset button.  Click here to watch the film for free

Climb for Freedom DVD coverI sincerely appreciate your help in getting my film out to others who can benefit from its content. If my film gets the top three fan votes, it will be enshrined in the Collection for Fandependent Films. I would be honored to have your help in this endeavor.


Stephen Paul

Click here to watch Climb for Freedom on Vimeo at any time.