Simplification Equates to Power

If your life has become overly complicated, you are losing personal power. Remember, I only write about things I have observed or experienced myself. I have seen enough complication in life and business to fully understand the negative impact it has.Most of the time we are responsible for the complications we create in our lives. Having too many “moving pieces” can be complicated. Attempting to do too many things in a short period of time can be complicated. Complication can come from relationships that require high maintenance. Each of us is responsible for managing what is complicated and what is not.

In the new era of Leadership, I am seeing the value of slowing down and simplifying. This does not mean we lose our ambition. It means we get clear on what is most important and we spend more time in those areas. Imagine that feeling deep in your heart and Soul that has you clear about your most important priorities and spending more time in those areas. What do you feel would happen? What would be the result? My experience in guiding people in this way is profound. The results are actually better. The money is better. The relationships are more loving. Life is found again.

The romantic vision of always moving at Mach 10 that Hollywood paints for us is not sustainable. It is not real. We are not built for that over the long haul. I encourage each of us consider a simpler approach. This would involve some true disengagement. To say NO to a non-priority is clear, simple and powerful. I believe by leading this way, we can be a fabulous example to possibility, result and living a more balanced existence.

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