"Stephen McGhee is a master teacher of the communication skills and mindset that lead to financial success in the world of coaching. Coaches who learn from him learn the art of prosperity." ~ Steve Chandler 

The 2018/2019 Coaching Partnership Initiative

Coaches, Consultants & Speakers: Learn how to generate more revenue with greater leverage in your coaching or speaking business in my 12-month High Achievement Initiative - The Million Dollar Coaching Partnership & Wealth Initiative

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"Working alongside Stephen co-leading the University of Santa Monica's Soul-Centered Professional Coaching Program I have witnessed his enormous skills, presence, and commitment. Stephen's dedication to serving coaches in their growth and transformation is one of the most significant I have ever experienced. He will stop at nothing to assist someone in seeing what's possible for them, strengthening them in the leadership of their work, their financial prosperity, and their lives. And - Stephen helps them get real results, well beyond what they could have previously imagined." 


How to Create More Freedom and Greater Results?

  • You’re a successful coach but you want more high end clients and you want to have a stronger referral base.
  • The number of new coaches entering the market is growing exponentially and you want to distinguish your uniqueness in this fast-paced industry.
  • Most coaches do not understand the art of enrollment and true service. In this initiative, you will learn the mastery of enrollment and utilize this leadership skill to increase results for as long as you are in business. Many of you reading this are not generating as much revenue as you could be, because almost all coaching schools that certify coaches do not teach enrollment as a business essential.
  • Through one-on-one Coaching and the Partnership of a small team of highly successful, hand-picked leaders, you will increase your results in your business with Master Coach Stephen McGhee and five additional Team members. This 12-month program will guide you through all the tactical steps to creating a more powerful and successful coaching/speaking or consulting practice

What is the Million Dollar Coaching Partnership?

Since starting Stephen McGhee Leadership, Inc. some 25 years ago, I've supported existing high achievers around the globe to easily build the strategies, relationships, and expertise they need to accelerate impact and growth. 

It's called the Million Dollar Coaching Partnership, and I will hand-select six speakers/coaches/consultants in total who are demonstrating leadership in this amazing industry. Then, I will bring them together every other Monday from August, 2018 – July, 2019 for an in-depth and strategic journey through optimizing every step of the speaking and coaching enrollment process. You will gain results that otherwise would not be achievable. 

In this program, we will work together in partnership, to develop a more leveraged business that is both sustainable and prosperous. You will learn to become a master-enroller, how to develop and deliver programs and to increase the value that you offer as a professional difference maker.  

You will learn how to create a wait list for your practice, increase your fee, and learn a system for how to use the largest fee method, which I have practiced since 1994.  

And you will also participate in a custom Million Dollar Partnership Project, which could involve launching your own successful coaching program (i.e. Stephen's Aconcagua Man Project), writing a book, creating a keynote speech, or simply increasing your gross revenue as a coach; or other initiatives that you have, which you have been procrastinating on, because of time or money. One of the many tools you will learn is the 5 second rule, adapted from Mel Robbins.  

There's no upper limit to the success you can experience in your coaching or speaking practice. And once you have a system around increased prosperity, it becomes increasingly easier and more enjoyable. It's true, money doesn't solve all your business problems. And neither does an impoverished consciousness. This program integrates prosperity and wealth. 

If you're ready to take your coaching practice to the next level, and generate even more revenue with less effort, then read on. You're in the right place. 

Program Deliverables:

  • Two Wealth Creation Sessions each month. Live coaching sessions every other Monday from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. 
  • In addition, I will coach each of you personally for ONE HOUR of Velocity Coaching per Month - a $15,000 value.
  • Launch session on Monday evening, August 20th from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, Mountain Time
  • We will have two, 1.5 day sessions in Denver and LA, where you will create and define your essentials for business strategy and enrollment.  
  • You will have access to me personally and my apprentice for email coaching and spot calls before important meetings.
  • One Peer coaching session with a teammate each month, rotating monthly. This is where we share all the best practices on how to build wealth in this business, leverage contacts, share best practices….and create a true Partnership with each other.
  • The program is limited to 6 speakers/coaches/consultants in total. I will create a synergistic team.
  • You will listen to live or recorded enrollment conversations, where clients said Yes to high fee coaching.
  • You will learn to create results and a client base that will work with you for many years.
  • You will learn how to serve as a spiritual master, with high involvement and low attachment. You will help people, while building your business.  
  • Learn how to create powerful proposals and how to use the LAW of Limitation to create an infra-structure for a 7-figure practice. Some of you will accomplish that in 2019, depending on the current status of your business.
  • Guest Lectures by industry-leading, high-end coaches. Experts spill all the best principles on how to create and retain clients for your Coaching Practice. 
  • Create and Plan a 5, 3, and 1-Year Strategy for your practice moving forward.
  • This is not a social media approach to building a business. You will have an unfair advantage in a world of coaches that believe hitting send is the answer to deep relationships and service.
  • You will develop or continue a strong spiritual practice and see how your own integrity is more important than content, or a fancy website.
  • You will have a recording of every call for future use and inspiration.
  • There are many more deliverables, which we can discuss, if you find this compelling.

Upon Program Completion, You will have...

  • A clear plan for your business starting in 2018 and beyond
  • Access to the entire arsenal of information that Stephen has collected in over 20 years of teaching and speaking on Leadership. This includes the Power Point slides and memory stick of Culture Change programs and Keynote speeches that I have used in Companies like Microsoft
  • You will be given a Strategic Planning Framework, that I have used in major Organizations like Microsoft. It will be yours to use for your own business or to deliver inside of organizations as a coach. I will teach you how that program can ensure between 10 and 25 one on one clients a year 
  • Learn to adapt all the content to your own Authentic Self Expression
  • The ins-and-outs of making a movie and/or writing a book and how to use tools like those to build a more successful Practice
  • Accountability toward your Best Self as a Coach
  • The Ability to Enroll Clients with a Service Consciousness
  • Lots more!  

Plus Bonus Deliverables:

  • **You will have an opportunity to share in fee income as I create a second coaching program, where you will be one of the coaches. This is not mandatory and it is a way to learn to master enrollment toward your own practice.

How to Apply

Apply here and let me know you are interested and prepared to have an in-depth interview with me to determine your readiness for a program of this nature.  

Upon completing the application you will receive my latest book, Get Real - A Vital Breakthrough on Your Life and Leadership.  

What's The Cost?

What's The Investment?

  • The Full Program Fee is $30,000 
  • A $10,000 non-refundable deposit holds your spot 
  • Attend a 1.5 day retreat in Denver, CO and a 1.5 day retreat in Los Angeles, CA, wherein you will create a strategic plan for your practice

This is a long term investment for your coaching practice. Many coaches I have worked with have doubled and even tripled their income within 12-months.

"Stephen embodies wisdom, love, integrity, creativity, service and a rock-solid commitment to achieving tangible results fast in clients' business and personal lives. If you are committed to doing whatever is required to jump-start your business and life, I highly recommend working with Stephen." 

- Peter Feer, Professionally Certified Executive Coach at MPF Coaching LLC

In this program, I will also bring in Master Coach Steve Chandler. Steve will spend a full half-day with us in Denver, in September. To me, Steve is one of a few coaches that actually deserves the moniker of Master Coach. You will experience him live and on several of our virtual conference calls, including the principles that he has used to assist thousands of coaches to become more productive and profitable. 

About Steve Chandler:  

Steve Chandler is a world-famous success coach to best-selling authors, public speakers, CEOs, media personalities, small business owners, university faculty and leaders, major account salespeople and the world’s top business and life coaches. He has worked with over thirty Fortune 500 companies and more than 600 other organizations. He is the founder of the Coaching Prosperity School (Advanced Client Systems) and the author of more than thirty books, including RIGHT NOW: Mastering the Beauty of the Present Moment and Crazy Good: A Book of CHOICES.  

In addition, I will bring in other coaches that will share their success secrets. Coaches such as Carolyn Freyer Jones, who created and co-led the Soul Centered Coaching Program at the University of Santa Monica. She is hysterically funny, and powerful in her clarity on how to build a solid mid-six figure practice.

The Program Requirements

This program isn’t for everyone. You will be required to take massive action toward your coaching objectives. While this will look different for each member of the Team, there will be a measurable outcome to your experience. In order to qualify for the Coaching Partnership Program, you must...

  • Have conversation with Stephen to make sure this program is a fit for you and that you are a fit for the program.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of commitment and willingness to participate fully for your Self and other Partner Coaches. 
  • You must be willing to share openly and generously in this program.
  • Have the intention to grow your business to a 7 figure practice and to bring that level of expertise, willingness and commitment to generate with clarity and velocity. 
  • Complete the sessions (or makeup sessions) and the project.
  • Make up any missed sessions through your Peer Coach. 
  • Be an ambassador for the Profession of Coaching.
  • Complete all reading assignments.
  • Get committed at the highest possible level of Self.
  • Learn how integrity and commitment and fees are directly linked. High integrity + high commitment = high fee.
  • Learning how coaching and enrollment are directly linked. If you think you are a great coach and you don’t have a strong practice, you are kidding yourself.
  • Learn how becoming a master-enroller has nothing to do with selling someone on your coaching. 
  • Experience greater peace, love, and equanimity.
  • Learn how your unique expression and way of being as a coach is your greatest asset in this business. 
  • Learn how to be a leader in this industry and to do it from your greatest, most powerful expression.

Would you like to take your professional practice to the next level in 2018 and beyond?

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About Stephen McGhee

Stephen McGhee is the owner of Stephen McGhee Leadership, Inc. He is an International Keynote Speaker, Author of three books on Leadership, his latest being “Get Real” A Vital Breakthrough on Your Life and Leadership and a Visionary Guide to highly influential leaders across the globe. With a background in finance and a graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology, you will immediately experience the diversity in his presence. Additionally, Stephen is on the faculty at the University of Santa Monica, where he teaches Soul Centered Professional Coaching as one of his favorite topics.

Stephen believes that theory will only take us so far in our own human evolution. Therefore, he leads programs of an experiential nature such as the Aconcagua Man Project, which later became a highly acclaimed documentary film, entitled Climb to Freedom. This film chronicles the transformation of seven men on a yearlong journey to climb a high mountain, and bring the application of that experience back to their lives and relationships.  

In This Program YOU WILL:

Take risks. All the time. Big, hairy, scary ones. Thrilling and terrifying are opposite sides of the same coin – if you’re serious about changing your life, you will be feeling them both. Often. They are excellent signs that you’re on the right path. When you get an intuitive hit to do something scary, run straight towards it before the excuses start seeping in. Risk failure, looking stupid, losing money, getting rejected, being unpopular. Do whatever it takes to follow your heart. It’s that crucial moment where you must decide between leaping into the void or staying put in your comfy mediocrity that defines your reality!  

From Jen Sincero…the BAD ASS author. 


"On this planet...in this culture...in this worldwide global marketplace, when it comes to coaching, nothing commits people like money. Nothing. That's why we charge money for our coaching. It commits people! It commits people to do their half of the work that is done in a coaching session and then beyond the session. Without a person investing in the process, having skin in the game, the commitment just isn't there. We THINK we charge people money so that we can survive and pay bills and thrive and prosper. But that's inverted. That's a twisted view. That is radically self-focused and an extremely self-conscious view of the coaching fee. As long as I have that embarrassing viewpoint, I will fear the whole money thing. I’ll think I need to work on my money issues before I can really prosper. And I will be timid and afraid to charge people what this coaching time is really worth. I will keep coming to seminars and coaching sites to figure out HOW to do it, but it will never work, and I'll never be without money fear, until I understand what the fee is really for." 

- Steve Chandler, Author of Reinventing Yourself.


DON SCOTT, Founder, Growthx2

"I could talk about how Stephen helped me become a coach in the first place. I could talk about how he made me a better coach by growing so much within myself. I could try to describe how he always seems to know when to just let me be with a thing, and when to give me a hard push. I could explain a great deal about Stephen’s teaching me how to create new clients. And, get rid of all the struggle. If we had enough time and space, I could describe many specific scenarios Stephen helped me dissect and replay. The situations where we learned after the fact. And, those where he helped me strategize and prepare in advance. But, perhaps it would mean more to tell the story in terms of results. Because of Stephen’s coaching, and my participation in his Coaching Partnership Initiative last year, my practice and life have evolved rapidly. Month by month, things began to click in. Small jumps, big jumps, all along the way. Last month, I created two new clients, at annual fees totaling $64,000. I have seven individuals lined up right now to begin work this month and over the next few months. Last year, the year I was in Stephen’s program, my fees were substantial. This year, as it continues to just get better and better, I am looking at 3x last year. Hard to argue with results!"

JEFF PATTERSON, Owner, Aspen Success Coaching

"Stephen McGhee’s coaching is like riding a bolt of lightening. You better hold on. Not only is it a fun ride, but you will create results at a level you previously thought impossible. Stephen thinks bigger than anyone I know and has the rare ability to coach you to convert inspiration and ideas into results."

MARK MUSSELMAN, Executive Leadership Development Coach, Master Facilitator, and Business Consultant, HPT Consulting Group, University of Colorado Boulder

"I have hired Stephen on 4 separate occassions as a life/business coach, strategic planning facilitator, and to help my family business create a culture of aligned leadership. In running through the above list of attributes I found it exceedingly difficult for me to select just Three, as instructed, as all of these attributes apply to my work with Stephen. 

"Most recently I hired Stephen as my coach and mentor. As a part of this latest commitment Stephen and I worked one-on-one together for a full year. I shadowed him and observed his practice with the intent to launch my own coaching and consulting practice. I can't say enough about Stephen and the incredible results I have experienced in my life as a direct result of working with Stephen."

DAVID FIRTH, Co Founder at The CoQuora Project. Consultant & coach with radical solutions for communication, culture & change.

"Stephen is an extraordinarily insightful, loving, inspirational and results-oriented coach and he has had a profound impact on all aspects of my life. If you are looking for an Upgrade in your life and/or business I cannot recommend Stephen highly enough."